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Avazu Life is a subsidiary of Avazu Inc, dominating the performance marketing industry since 2009.

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Avazu Life is a subsidiary of Avazu Inc with over 300 employees, with offices around the globe and one of the fastest growing performance marketers world wide. We leave no stone unturned to provide you with the highest EPC's and best performing offers in our industry!


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The Netherlands, China


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Our Products

Avazu Life specializes in nutraceuticals and lifestyle products

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Programmatic Advertising for Advertisers

A healthy relationship between our advertisers and our publishers is key for mutual success. Our extensive publisher screening allows us to catch any possible fraudulent traffic before it happens, which results in the highest quality leads for all our advertisers. We pride ourselves in providing the highest quality leads in the market today.

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Programmatic Advertising for Publishers

Avazu Life maintains a personal and business minded relationship with all of our publishers and helps each and every affiliate to reach and exceed their goals on a daily basis. Our affiliate managers have years of industry experience and will provide you with matching offers no matter what your traffic source might be. We can monetise it all.

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Solutions for Developers

Are you a developer and want to export your data into your own CRM or backend? Our tech staff is available for you 24/7 to help you with possible custom integrations, migrations and everything else that helps you to scale your business and achieve the maximum results for your business! Contact us today and we'll help you to get started.

Programmatic Advertising for Publishers

Avazu Life covers every aspect for the modern affiliate marketer

1,000+ OFFERS

Everyday our account managers add some new offers on the network. Want to find out more? Get in touch!


Our goal is to provide a worldwide solution to our advertisers and affiliates. Our top Geos are: FR, UK, US, DE, ES, AU...


We know how important it is for an affiliate to get their payment.


Our algorithm optimizes the best offers for your traffic, maximizing your revenue.


Programmatic Advertising for Advertisers

We provide our partners full transperancy and actively help them to grow their business

Fraud control

Our secure platform is managed by our team of experienced and highly-trained developers, therefore no irregular activity or fraud is possible.

ROI Optimization

We regularly filter and analyze each traffic source. We will then discuss the results of your campaign with you every week.

Multi-level marketing

Target your audience accurately using criteria such as time, location, behavior or context. The choice is yours!

Immediate Support

Our team is available 24/7 either by Skype, or email. You can be 100% sure you'll get a quick response, whatever your query.

Approval system

Each affiliate is accepted via manual validation for subscription to our platform. It is also up to you whether you choose to accept the offers or not.

Close relationships

We follow the campaigns and discuss the results with each advertiser weekly. We are here to help you improve your results.



Avazu Inc has received multiple awards since it's inception in 2009


Top 25 Ad Network of AppsFlyer in Gaming Retention


Top 25 Ad Network of AppsFlyer in Gaming Retention


Top 25 Ad Network of AppsFlyer in Gaming Retention


Top 25 Ad Network of AppsFlyer in Gaming Retention


Top 25 Ad Network of AppsFlyer in Gaming Retention

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